Are low cost air tickets to Europe real?

Consider this if you want to fly to Europe cheaply

Can you get to Europe for under $300?

Cheap air tickets.  Are they too good to be true?  I came across this article  called “Flights to Europe are on Sale for $280 round trip”. 

Low cost air ticket considerations

The article lists examples like Boston to Madrid via TAP or JFK to Orly which come up with great deals using Google Flights.  Things to consider before booking:

  • These all have stop overs and so are not direct flights
  • The airlines listed are not the highest quality airlines
  • You will have trouble booking alternative flights since these airlines don’t participate in airline consortium. Plus, if your flight is canceled, the next flight out might  not be until two days later.
  • You may need to fly over the day before because you are very limited in schedules
  • Make sure you know which airport you are flying into.  Paris has two airports and while there’s nothing wrong with Orly, you need to make sure your logistics work out.
  • These rates are only good for very select flights on select days.  They may not match up to what you need.

So what?

These are such great rates you might be saying “so what”.  Maybe a better strategy is to book your air flights first, then book your vacation.  If you follow this strategy, make sure you do plenty of research.  If for example, you are going to Europe for a river cruise or specific land tour, make sure you know if it is still available as many times they book up.

You may want to purchase high quality insurance for your trip since there’s a real possibility you won’t be make your dates.

Be flexible with using low cost air tickets.

Still, there are great opportunities to save money.  If you are flexible and don’t mind being inconvenienced for a few hours (note that total travel time on these flights are 11 – 13 hours due to layovers, about 4 – 6 hours longer than a direct flight), these might just be for you.  Expect small seats and average quality service.  Expect to pay extra for luggage.  And expect to make changes in your itineraries.  And be sure you understand cancellation costs and change fees with low cost air tickets.

Air Travel to Europe

Air Travel to Europe

Do what you are comfortable with

We have some clients that won’t fly without assigned seats and are willing to pay for that privilege.  We have many clients that will only fly to Europe on business class because they get that much more out of the remainder of the vacation.  Many clients want only direct flights.  On the other hand, we have clients that use low cost airlines and don’t mind getting bumped every now and then.  They would rather arrive a day or so before their cruise starts to rest up, then pay full price for air fare.  So some people are perfectly fine finding low cost air tickets.  It’s whatever you are comfortable with.


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