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A beer themed river cruise just for you

AmaDante will host our beer themed tour AmaDante on the Moselle

We've just announced our next beer themed river cruise!  The cruise starts Oct 11 2018 following AmaWaterway's Europe's Rivers and Castles river cruise.  Just like the last ones, this will be hosted by Joe Sixpack ( aka Don Russell).  Here's some answers to some common questions we get.

What's a beer themed river cruise?

First, this is where like minded beer enthusiasts travel together as a group.  And river cruises in Europe are perfect venues because they travel through the heart of beer country and the trip is both luxurious and a great value.  While we'll have all the excursions that are typically included, we'll have a couple of beer focused excursions as well.  Typically these will be visits to breweries and/or local pubs which feature local beers that are not exported.

Who is Joe Sixpack?

Don Russell aka Joe Sixpack Don Russell aka Joe Sixpack

Joe Sixpack is Don Russell who is, quite simply a beer expert.  He has written  weekly beer columns for the Phila Daily news, written several books on the subject, founded and was the executive director of Philly Beer Week.  Best of all, he's a great beer host.  Don is open to all styles of beer and loves to share his enthusiasm with others for different styles and brands.  He is very well connected with brewers around the world and has traveled extensively to Europe.

Trying new beers with Don is a great experience.  His enthusiasm is contagious and his insights about the beer are spot on.  He seems to always know the back story of any particular beer.  He's done beer / food pairing events, beer sampling lectures and organized all manner of beer events.  Want to know more?  Click here for information on Don.

Is this a first?

This is not our first rodeo.  In fact, we've done three before:

  • Our first Joe Sixpack beer themed trip was our Tulips and Beer cruise round trip out of Amsterdam in 2015.  Here we visited both Holland and Belgium and enjoyed the many styles associated with the region.
  • Next we did a Christmas and Beer cruise down the Danube.  Starting in Prague and ending in Budapest, we dove deep into Pils and German styles
  • In October 2016 we did a tour around Ireland to experience that country's budding craft beer scene (and of course had a Guinness or two).  You can read about it here).

Why should I go?

Here's some great reasons to go:

  • Experience some new beers you just can't get stateside
  • Meet and hangout with Don (Joe Sixpack) - Learn from the expert
  • Meet and hangout with fellow beer enthusiasts - Learn from fellow experts
  • See the sights - experience castles, explore historic European cities
  • Experience the benefits of a river cruise aboard the AmaWaterways AmaDante including great food and service
  • Enjoy beer specific excursions
  • Most of all, you'll have a great time on a great vacation

Trying local beers in Germany with a previous Joe Sixpack beer themed river cruise Trying local beers in Germany

Where's this trip going?

Wurzburg Ratskellar located adjacent to city hall of course Wurzburg Ratskellar located adjacent to city hall of course

We will be starting in Prague, heading over to Nuremberg Germany and ending up in Luxembourg.  We will be following the Danube River, the Main- Danube canal, the Main river, the Rhine River and the Moselle River. In the middle, we'll traverse the Rhine River gorge lined with over 70 castles. It's a beautiful and scenic trip through the heart of Bavaria and Franconia regions of Germany.

Want to know more?

We have more details and pricing here.  Best of all - contact me directly and we can talk specifics.


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