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Different destinations to consider

Thinking of where to go next - try some different destinations?  Here's some ideas from our friends at Insight Vacations. And the good news is that these each have promotions with special pricing available (August 2018).


Go Astro Travel and Insight can send you to different destinations Trojan Horse, Troy Turky

Many people stopped going to Turkey given the geo-political instability.  But one way to go is with an experienced tour operator like Insight.  They will make sure you are safe but also make sure you have an incredible experience.  And of course this is a different destination than most people think about.  Insight feature:

  • Special experiences like private tours to Ottoman Palaces
  • Classic highlights like a visit to Troy and Ephesus
  • Authentic dining experiences
  • The luxury of Insight factions with just about everything included (even Wi Fi on most buses)

Since the situation in Turkey can be volatile, you'll need to be mindful of what's going on when you book and check the State Department warnings. And this is not a trip for everyone. But if you really want to go to Turkey, this is a great way to go.

Insight vacations Wonders of Turkey

US State Department warnings on Turkey (currently it's on level 3 - reconsider Travel to certain parts of the country.  The above trip does not go to these locations).


Spain and Portugal by land

Go Astro Travel and Insight vacations can send you to different destinations Toledo in Spain

Portugal has become very popular recently as it's considered very safe. For example, one of the hardest seats to get in river cruising is on the Douro river.  But there's lots of parts of Portugal that river cruisers don't see. And Spain has some truly magnificent sites that are well worth spending time at.  Be sure to see:

  • The ancient city of Toledo
  • Fantastic Moorish architecture
  • The holy city of Fatima in Portugal
  • Dining on  Jamón Ibérico in Jabugo Spain (just at the border with Portugal)

Insight vacations  Amazing Spain and Portugal


Russia Easy Pace

Go Astro Travel and Insight Vacations can send you to different destinations Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Insight also offers a Russia easy pace tour.  Here's you'll spend 3 nights in Moscow and 4 nights in St. Petersburg.  On this tour Insight uses what they call "Relaxed Starts". That means no hurry, no early wake up calls. And only changing hotels once means you won't spend half you time packing and unpacking and wondering where you are when you wake up in the morning.  You still get to see all the highlights like Red Square and Kremlin in Moscow, the Church of the Our Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, the winter and summer palaces in Petrodvorets and St. Petersburg.

If you watched the 2018 World Cup, you saw some enticing glimpses of Russia.  But for most people Russia is one of the different destinations by land; most of our clients will spend a day or two off a cruise ship.  Here's your chance to explore in depth.  And while you see all the highlights, you won't feel rushed as on many land tours.  You'll have lots of free time to explore on your own without being on your own.

Insight's Easy Pace Russia

Different destinations

There's lots of interesting places to go and interesting ways to travel.  Some like Turkey or Russia require vigilance and a check with the State Department.  But traveling with a group tour with an established supplier like Insight means that you won't be on you own.  And of course these are just some ideas. There's many other interesting destinations and many other ways to get there.

Here's some other interesting or trending vacation destinations

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