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Doing Laundry On Vacation!

Susan Wolfson

For a long time, the thought of doing laundry on vacation for us was repulsive. Laundry was part of the real world and being on vacation was meant to be our way of being away from the real world. Yet on our last vacation we decided that we were not going to pack for the full duration of the trip.

Laundry on Vacation? pack less. Laundry on Vacation?

Laundry to pack lighter

The trip was 10 days in length; this was not a bathing suit and sandals vacation however in which packing would be straight forward. This was a cruise ship in September heading to Canada, meaning we had to bring both warm weather and cool weather clothes, casual as well as dress up clothes. Plus we stayed an extra night before at the airport so we actually had 11 days of clothes. Too much to pack?  Try doing Laundry on vacation. It’s the only way to go.

Crystal Serenity

But I’m now biased since on the Crystal Serenity it was very easy. Every floor has 5 washers and driers, which can be used a no cost, including detergent and drier sheets. They even provide laundry baskets to carry the laundry back to the room. Easy.

When to do laundry while on vacation

Since we didn’t want to go to formal night (hubby really didn't want to wear a tie on vacation – even worse than doing laundry!) we decided to order room service.So we put the wash in at the same time we called in the order. We transferred the laundry to the drier just before food arrived and took it out of the drier after we were done eating.

And now, not only did we pack light, but we have fresh clean clothes for the rest of the trip.  Added benefit didn't have to pay for extra checked or overweight bags

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