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Travel deals during wave season - how to save money

It's wave season and that means great travel deals are plentiful.  In my last post, I talked about what wave season means and how to make sure you're getting a great deal. There's even a little case study.  This post gives some current examples.

AmaWaterways AmaCello outside Regensburg AmaWaterways AmaCello outside Regensburg

Great Travel deals:

Here's a quick run down of some current promotions from Avoya:

[column col="1/4"]Oceania[/column]
Free Beverage package

[column col="1/4"]Royal Caribbean[/column]
Free Gratuities, On board credit and reduced fares

[column col="1/4"]Paul Gauguin[/column]
$400 Free on board credit plus 50% off cruises

[column col="1/4"]Silver Sea[/column]
Up to $1000 Free Onboard credit plus free upgrades

[column col="1/4"]Crystal[/column]
Free upgrades, up to $1000 free credit

[column col="1/4"]Norwegian[/column]
Free phone & Internet package, excursion credit, $400 air credit

[column col="1/4"]Globus[/column]
Savings and Free perks valued up to $1864 including air credit

[column col="1/4"]Collette[/column]
Savings up to $1400

[column col="1/4"]Trafalgar[/column]
Free perks valued up to $3288

[column col="1/4"]AmaWaterways[/column]
Save $200 free on board credit plus additional savings up to $2200

Waves on land? - some observations

Traveling enables exploration Traveling enables exploration

Some observations from the above list:

  1. There's some truly great opportunities to save money
  2. Wave season savings extends beyond the ocean - promotions on river cruises and land tour operators abound.  Wave is not just about ocean cruises anymore.
  3. Luxury brands are participating very nicely.  This is not just a Carnival or mass market event.  When luxury brands like Paul Gauguin's and Crystal offer savings, you know it's broad based.
  4. Sometimes the promotions feature price but other times it's about the amenities being offered.  We can help you understand the value proposition of each option.

Dynamic travel deals

One thing we know is that travel deals come and go.  This creates a sense of urgency since you never quite know when a great deal will be offered.  You can certainly go to the Avoya website  to stay up to date.  Even better, contact your trusted travel agent since they will help you decipher the deals and  focus on what's the best fit for you.  All these travel deals have a limited shelf life and may only apply in certain cases.   So that's another reason to contact your travel agent.  We will be happy to help sort out all the details.

Travel during wave season Travel during wave season

Don't be distracted by promotions

It's easy to become enamored with a particular promotion - after all there's some great travel deals out there.  Look at the list above. Wouldn't it be great to have a $1000 on board credit aboard Crystal?  Sure, but what if this is just not the right cruise line for you?  Our experience is that our clients are always happier with the right product than saving a ton of money on the wrong product for them.  A great travel agent can help you figure out what's best for you.  And of course they will be there to get you the best deal possible.



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