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My Favorite River Cruise Ports

My favorite river cruise ports?  Ok, that's not a fair title because I haven't met a river cruise port that I did not like.  That said here are 5 of my "favorites":


Paris, France

Paris is the definition of a world class city.  The transportation from the Seine to all sights is easy to navigate.  The view of the Eiffel Tower from the AmaLego was top notch.  Dining on board is wonderful but when in Paris the cities amazing restaurants are hard to resist.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a beautiful city.  Many of the river cruises dock overnight.  This gives you plenty of time to enjoy all this amazing city offers and makes this one of my favorite river cruise ports.

Arles, France

Arles is a small and charming town in southern France.   You can see a Roman coliseum still in use today.  Enjoy seeing the town through the eyes of  Van Gogh thanks to signs throughout noting where famous paintings were created. These are just 2 reasons this small town is a must see for river cruise fans.

Rüdensheim, Germany

Rudensheim caught us by surprise.  It is a quaint and charming town.  Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum was a delightful surprise.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam is another easy to navigate city.  We enjoyed the art museums and gardens most.  Lots of great beer too!  Many ships dock here and it's easy to get from the pier to really any where else in the city.  The extensive transportation network (trams, trains, canal trips, walking, bicycles) make this one of my favorite river cruise ports.

The best?

We're always exploring new places and the best keeps changing.

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