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Questions on Europe Travel summary 2021

International travel options for Americans continue to brighten.  Recently European nations announced that they will start welcoming Americans again this summer.  Here's some answers to typical questions.


What's open when?

In May, Greece, Iceland , Turkey and Croatia are open to Americans.  Starting in June, France will reopen.  Other Europeans countries will open up to vaccinated Americans, sometime there after.  We're still waiting for specific dates to be announced.

Here's some detailed country by country information.



The easiest way to get into Europe is to show proof of vaccination from J&J, Moderna or Pfizer.  If you're not vaccinated you may have to show proof of a negative COVID test and/ or quarantine.


Each country will have their own mask wearing and  public space, restaurant /bar restrictions.  As the disease incidence is dynamic, so too will be restrictions.

How about the travel suppliers?

Most of the large cruise ships have stated they expect all passengers to be vaccinated and will have some sort of mask requirements on board.  River cruise ship operators like AmaWaterways will basically follow the rules of the countries they operate in.  Currently that means  mask wearing in public areas of the ship and perhaps for some for certain excursions.


The future?

You can bet that as travel suppliers open up their trips, the respective countries will be open as well.  Here's when AmaWaterways is opening:

  • Portugal:  July 3
  • Upper Danube (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary):  July 21
  • France:  July 22
  • Rhine(Switzerland, Netherland, France, Germany):  July 29

Here's the safety protocols instituted by AmaWaterways (this site changes often).

Exciting times

The prospect of getting back to Europe is truly a turning point for post COVID travel.  At first it will be slow, but after a few months, availability will be closer to full strength.  Truly exciting times.


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