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Reasons to use a Travel Agent

Why do people use a travel agent?  It's been a while since we've written about this, but we recently got an email that AmaWateways sent to all their clients.  Perhaps you've gotten one as well.  The subject line is "Top 3 reasons to use a Travel Advisor".  So let's see what AmaWaterways says.


According to AmaWaterways:

  1. Time Savings:  The travel agent does all the detailed work, looking at options, comparing pricing and providing research and guidance that so you don't have to
  2. Matching:  By listening to your needs and preferences, the travel agent can match you with the right travel supplier and trip.  
  3. Customize:  Travel advisors can coordinate and plan special events and amenities just for you.
  4. Advocates:  Travel advisors will act as an advocate for you, just in case it's necessary (think bad weather, issues on the trip)
  5. Unique tools:  Travel advisors have access to tools that are not available to the general public.  This means access to better pricing, suppliers, trips and experiences not available by just doing an internet search.

AmaKristinaSo even though they list 5, not 3, that's their list.

We can add a few more:

  • Pricing:  Many times we can get better pricing than the general public.  Why?  Suppliers are all the time running promotions that are only available to travel agents.  Further, because we're part of Avoya, many times Avoya or American Express has promotions unique to them over and above what the suppliers are advertising
  • Advise:  For many trips, we've already been there. We can offer first hand advise from the banal (where to best get your money) to the significant (which excursion to choose or what's the best cabin for your needs and budget).  A lot of advice we give is around insurance - how much, when to purchase and which policy is best.
  • Complete experience:  Travel agents can provide assistance not only with the main trip but with extensions, airfare, optional excursions, insurance as well as combining several trips into one.

And the best part?  there's no additional cost for all this.  How can that be?  How do you get a better overall experience at a lower cost complete with advice but not have to pay for it?    Contact us and we'll tell you.

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