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Tauck makes seeing North America great

Trips within North America have become very popular recently with many Americans.  Tauck is one of our favorite tour operators. Why?  Simply we have never, ever gotten a complaint back from any of our clients that use Tauck.  As I recently told a prospective client - if you have the ability to go with Tauck, you absolutely should.  They are not trying to be the lowest cost supplier and they always offer some special experiences along the way to make their trips memorable.

Tauck just released their 2019 North America products.  It seems like Tauck tours always sell well. Let's see what they are now offering:

Go Astro Travel and Tauck can take you to Bryce Canyon Bryce Canyon

Sacred Lands:  national parks of the Southwest

This is a new tour for Tauck, although it takes a very similar route to their popular National parks trips.  This is an 8 day trip and includes the Grand Canyon, Brice Canyon, Zion National Park and Monument Valley.  It includes a Navajo led tour focusing on their sacred landscapes.  Along the way, you'll get a guided tour of the Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, and a chartered flightseeing excursion. The tour runs from late April to mid Oct of 2019.

Go Astro Travel and Tauck can take you to Tracy Arm Fjord Tracy Arm fjord Alaska

Alaska's Inside Passage

If you've done Alaska, you've probably been on a  mid to very large Ocean cruise.  Tauck offers something very different.  New for 2019 is their Earth Journeys series which is jointly produced with BBC Earth. You'll have a wildlife researcher on board with special presentations. And best of all you'll be on a small ship - Ponant's Le Soleal.  While the ship holds 264 passenger, the Tauck group will be accompanied by one tour director for every 40 guests.  Because of the small ship, you'll visit parts of Alaska you've never been to plus hug the coast to explore fjords.

Go Astro Travel and Tauck can send you to new destinations with new experiences Small Ship sailing


Cruising the Great Lakes

Another new tour this year is a trip from Chicago to Toronto.  You'll be sailing on the beautiful yacht Le Champlain. Built in 2018 it has a capacity of only 184 guests. The trip includes stays in Fairmont hotels in Chicago and Toronto, architectural tours of Chicago,wine tasting off Lake Michigan, Mackinac Island tours and unique cities and towns along the way. This tour only runs in Sept of 2019.

Want other travel dates?  Tauck offers their Michigan's Lakes and Mackinac Island tour from June to October.. This is a land based 8 day tour.  It highlights the best of Detroit, Mackinac Island, Model T rides, Michigan wine - pairing dinner and lots of great Michigan scenery and small town charm.

Go Astro Travel and Tauck can book you to the Pacific Northwest Victoria BC

Pacific Northwest

Another new for 2019 tour is the Pacific Northwest tour.  On this tour, you'll explore Seattle and Bellingham Washington, and Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia.  You'll travel by cruise to San Juan Islands and floatplane to Vancouver. Highlights include a culinary walking and tasting tour of Pike Place Market in Seattle, whale watching in en route to San Juan Islands, a trip to the world famous Butchart Gardens in Victoria and the fantastic Vancouver Coal Harbor Fairmont hotel.

Tauck tours - new destinations, same quality

These are only a few of the highlights for 2019 North America tours. But you can see that even if you've been to these places before, Tauck enables you to have different experiences.  From small ship sailing, to Navajo guides to charter small flights to included wine tasting, Tauck always ups the game.

Here's some other travel ideas:


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