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Tips for Traveling During the Holidays!

Holiday travel.    Just the sound of it can be stressful.  Weather can be a big factor in delaying your arrival in your destination.  Here are some suggestions on how to reduce the stress:


Adjust your attitude.  As my husband always says, expectations will get you every time. And  I always figure if I get to my destination on time I won the lottery.  A good attitude and yes, expecting the worst can help you deal with the unexpected.


Secondly, bring snacks with you.  If you are connecting and your flight is delayed you may not have time to stop for a meal in-between flights.  I like to bring nuts, crackers and cookies.  I try to pick something I would not normally indulge in.  The "treat" factor reduces my stress.

An extra battery pack helps reduce stress during holiday travel Keep yourself charged up

Charged up

If you have a smart phone be sure to keep your plug in your carry on in case you need to recharge.  And now, many airports now have charging stations.  Playing games and reading books on you phone can greatly reduce stress.  Holiday travel can make the airports very crowded so you may want to bring your own extra battery.

Carry on

Keep a change of clothes, valuables and all medication in your carry on.  If you are really delayed or if they lose your luggage you will always have fresh change of clothes and your important belongings with you.   Things can always go wrong during holiday travel given the crowds.

Stand tall

Being vertically challenged I always bring my inflatable foot rest.  It helps to stretch out and relax in the airport and on the plane.  Holiday travel can mean extra long waits so why not be more comfortable?


Last but not least, buy travel insurance.  Many policies will cover some of your expenses if you are delayed by more than 6 hrs.  They also have 24hr Assistance Lines that can help you in the event of an emergency.   They can help you find a hotel if you are stranded, work with the airline on your behalf and offer general advice and assistance. Here's some more information on travel insurance: Insurance - 8 top reasons to buy travel protection and Should I get Travel Insurance - Part 3

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