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Winter blues? Travel might be an answer

Winter is here

Winter is here!  Traditionally that means we start thinking about traveling.  We want to get away from the cold. Or we're done with the holidays and it's time to plan our next adventure.  Either way, now's the time to chase away those winter blues.

Wave season

Traditionally the start of January is a very busy time in travel.  It started with the cruise industry and so it became known as wave season.    We've written about wave season before - about the deals and what your options might be.  We've done a case study (really!) on if it makes sense to book so called "exclusive" wave season sales.   

If you've traveled before, you'll likely get email or snail mail promotions.  Sometimes these are good deals...but sometimes not.  Recently one of my clients called me to say that they found a great deal from Costco...when I investigated, I found out that the advertised price excluded port fees and was for the very lowest cabin category. Something my client definitely did not want.  So be careful.

But, also be opportunistic.  There may be some great deals out there for you to take advantage.



This is a time for many people to want to get away to somewhere warm.  Or more precisely to plan on a trip to a resort where they can swim and stay warm all day.  There's so many resorts out there - many of them all inclusive.  Lots of my clients love these.  And lots of tropical islands to explore  including Barbados, St. Lucia and Antiqua.  

Explore and be warm

Galapagos Islands

Another approach to beating the winter blues is to explore a place like the Galapagos Islands or French Polynesia.  Both can be very active vacations. And both can be very warm vacations. The perfect antidote to all things winter.  Here's a post from our Galapagos trip.

More ideas?

So these are three ideas for beating the winter blues:  taking advantage of Wave Season, heading to a Caribbean Island and going on a more Explorative vacation like Galapagos or the Pacific Islands.   There's many more options out there as well.  With a rough idea on budget, timing and what you like to do, we can provide even more ideas.

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