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Skibbusundet - Flekkerøy-Vidar Moløkken - Visit Norway near Kristiansand
Join Susan & David for another great vacation!
Oceania's Immersive Norway
Sailing from Oslo, Norway to Southampton (London) England
Oceania Marina
July 6, 2024 - July 16, 2024
Susan & David Wolfson, Owners of Go Astro Travel are excited to share this incredible experience with you.   Oceania is our favorite ocean cruise line.  In addition to this exciting itinerary, we know you will love everything Oceania has to offer.
  • Best food at sea!  Curated by Jacques Pepin, Oceania's food has been voted among the best cuisine at sea.  In addition to the incredible Grand dining room the Marina has 4 specialty restaurants included at no extra charge
  • Beautiful Ship!  The Marina has 1200 passengers.  It's spacious yet intimate.  Oceania even offers a self guided art tour so you can learn about the beautiful artwork on the ship.
  • Spacious staterooms & suites.  Lots of stateroom options with options for budget minded guests to those that wish to travel in luxury.
  • Country Club Casual - No dressing up EVER! 
  • Much, much more!
Oceania Viking, Fjords & Legends

Over 35 years ago Dave was in Oslo for business and came home enthralled with the city and it's people.   We promised each other that we would some day go and explore not only Oslo but the beautiful country of Norway.   Well the time has come.  Oceania is offering a great promotion for us that we decided to share with everyone.  We have included prepaid gratuities as well as a $200 per stateroom onboard credit.  Each guest will have their choice of an OLife amenity.  Choices include; 3 shore excursions per person, beverage package(beer & wine with lunch & dinner) or an additional $300 per person onboard credit.


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July 6, 2024oslo
Oslo, Norway – EMBARKATION
Board the ship this afternoon.  The ship departs at 9pm

Screenshot 2022-03-09 10.41.13 PMJuly 7, 2024
Skagen, Denmark
8am to 5pm
Our only stop in what is know as the happiest country on earth. Skagen offers something for everyone whether you are an art lover, history buff or lover of the great outdoor.  A centuries-old fishing village, Skagen is perched along the windswept sand dunes at the northernmost point of Denmark, where the North Sea and the Baltic merge in a frenzy of crashing currents. The town has long been depicted by painters because of its spectacular scenery, charming communities and the remarkable quality of its light, inspiring a group of artists known as the Skagen Painters. See their work at the Skagen Museum, and then learn the science behind the region’s natural wonders at the nature center, housed in a striking building designed by architect Jørn Utzon of Sydney Opera House fame.
Summer day in Kristiansand-Patricia Thiede_Foap  - VisitNorway.com
July 8, 2024
Kirstiansand, Norway
7am to 6pm
Founded in 1641 near the southern tip of Norway, Kristiansand once claimed the world's largest fleet of sailing ships. Today the proud city exudes an energy that peaks in summer, when your ship calls. The Posebyen old quarter boasts a collection of historic wooden houses surrounded by shops and restaurants. Museums abound and include the Agder Museum of Natural History and Botanical Garden, which opened in 1828. Kristiansand Zoo, said to be Norway's most visited attraction, covers 150 acres of Nordic terrain where animals like red pandas, moose and Bactrian camels roam in wide-open spaces.
Eljarvik farm-Mattias Fredriksson - Visit Haugesund near HaugesundJuly 9, 2024
Haugesund, Norway
8am to 6pm
Located in the southwest of Norway where the fjords flow out into the North Sea, Haugesund is surrounded by the blue ice Folgefonna glacier in the north and the impressive mountain formation of Preikestolen in the south. Learn why this charming town is known as the Homeland of the Viking Kings at Avaldsnes’ Viking settlement, where you can see a reconstructed Viking farm and learn how the Vikings lived. Discover majestic fjords, cascading waterfalls, stunning glaciers, imposing mountains, and idyllic islands and lighthouses. The best way to get an insider’s look at Haugesund is to follow the locals and go for an invigorating hike at Preikestolen, also known as the Pulpit Rock or Preacher’s Rock, one of the most popular hiking trips in the region.
Alesund-1July 10, 2024
Ålesund, Norway
9am to 9pm
In 1904 much of Ålesund was destroyed by fire, but the town was quickly rebuilt in the period's popular Art Nouveau style. Soaring turrets, spires and beautiful ornamentation adorn the buildings throughout Ålesund, giving it a distinctive flair and earning the town a revered architectural reputation. An evening departure allows you plenty of time to explore its many attractions, such as the spectacular Art Nouveau Centre museum, scenic Town Park, and Atlantic Sea Park, one of Europe's largest aquariums. For a look at modern Norwegian woodworking, visit the impressive Gallery Cylindra. Many of Ålesund's squares feature sculptures commemorating significant events, including the town's rich fishing history and Norway's contribution to World War II.
July 11,2024Summer day in Kristiansand-Patricia Thiede_Foap  - VisitNorway.com-1
Kristiansund, Norway
7am to 9pm
Beautifully situated on four main islands, Kristiansund is an inviting city surrounded by astonishing natural beauty. Its most famous attraction is the Atlantic Road, reputed to offer the world’s best road trip. The route winds its way across islands and over bridges with magnificent views of the ocean and coastline. Kristiansund also houses the oldest opera in Norway, and the city boasts a diverse and colorful array of architectural styles both classic and modern.
large-The river  Nidelven  in Trondheim-CH  - VisitNorway.comJuly 12, 2024
7am to 5pm
Trondheim, Norway
Over a thousand years old, Trondheim is one of the oldest of Norway’s major cities. Visit the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral, the largest medieval building in Scandinavia, and Stiftsgarden Palace, the royal residence and one of the largest wooden buildings in Northern Europe. Enjoy stunning views of Trondheim Fjord from the Ringve Museum, home to a collection of more than 2,000 musical instruments.
Hoddevik - Stad - Nordfjord-Øyvind Heen - fjords.comJuly 13, 2024
Nordfjordeid, Norway
7am to 4pm
Situated between one of the largest glaciers in Europe and the rugged Stad Peninsula, Nordfjordeid is your jumping off point to explore one of the most beautiful places in the world. The UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord awaits you to the northeast, while icy glaciers flow into spectacular valleys to the southeast – you won’t have a moment to put down your camera. Something as simple as visiting a deer farm takes on a whole new meaning when you are surrounded by towering mountain ranges, and taking a leisurely hike will be the most memorable experience of your life when you are embraced by sheer rocky cliffs over which roaring waterfalls cascade.
Kirkwall, UKJuly 14, 2024
Kirkwall (Orkney Islands), United Kingdom
8am to 5pm
This starkly beautiful island holds many ancient treasures like the enigmatic Standing Stones of Stenness and the 5,000-year-old village of Skara Brae, amazingly discovered with furniture and indoor drains preserved. Visit the imposing trio of St. Magnus Cathedral, the nearby ruins of the Earl's Palace, and the earlier Bishop's Palace.

July 15, 2024
Cruising the North Sea
susan cooking class (1)Today is a perfect day to take advantage of all that Oceania offers.  Perhaps an art or cooking class? The Culinary Center on board Marina and teaches you how to prepare a variety of exquisite dishes at your own fully equipped workstation in a state-of-the-art teaching kitchen. Passionate chef instructors offer guidance and inspiration to fine-tune your techniques, but each dish is prepared by you. Learn how to make fresh pasta, the fundamentals of cooking seafood or the secrets of traditional French cuisine.
Southampton UK
July 16, 2024
Southampton, UK
DISEMBARKATION – DEPART the ship starting at 8am 
Not ready for your vacation to end?   Ask about your options for spending a few nights in London.
Transportation available to purchase to Oceania's hotel in London, Gatwick or Heathrow.


Oceania Marina


Timelessly sophisticated, Marina was designed for the ultimate epicurean.  In addition to multiple open-seating gourmet restaurants, From the sparkling Lalique Grand Staircase to the Owner's Suites furnished in Ralph Lauren Home, designer touches are everywhere, highlighting the finest residential design and furnishings. More than anything, Marina personifies the Oceania Cruises experience.

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Oceania staterooms



Due to very limited availability please call or email for current Pricing! 

Susan@GoAstroTravel.com or call Susan Wolfson  610-844-4077

 Final payment due: 3/27/2024 


What’s Included?

  • OLife -  OLife is a program designed by Oceania that allows you to pick which inclusions matter most to you.  With OLife you have a choice of 3 options; 1) 3 shore excursions (some limitations) 2) House Beverage Package which includes beer & wine with lunch and dinner or 3) $300 per person onboard credit.  This is in addition to the $200 onboard credit.  You can use this for pretty much any purchase onboard except the casino.  It's a good option if you decide to book their unlimited shore excursion package (if available).   It can be confusing and we may not know what the best option for you is until the shore excursions are available to book.  Rest assured we will help you maximize the benefit.
  • Prepaid Gratuities are included. A value of up to $230 per person
  • Meals – All meals are included on the ship.  Specialty restaurants are included.   You will be able to book 1 reservation in each of the restaurants prior to sailing and if available you can add more reservations once onboard
  • Oceania includes all soft drinks, juices, tea and coffee.   Their specialty coffees are also included so be sure to check out the Barista Bar on Deck 14
  • More detailed information on Oceania's Culinary offerings can be found here  
  • Complimentary room service is available 24 hours a day from an extensive room service menu.
  • Wifi – Included throughout the ship.  In addition, each stateroom is give one internet account.  Additional accounts are available for a fee but we have never needed one even when working while traveling.
  • Entertainment – Oceania features a unique lineup of onboard shows and entertainers to ensure that your interests are constantly piqued.
  • With all this great food you might need to spend some time in their fully equipped fitness center.  From Pilates and yoga to full-body strength training, you are certain to find a complimentary fitness class to suit your preferences. 
  • Terry bathrobes & slippers in all staterooms
  • Interactive television system with on-demand movies, weather and more
  • Complimentary soft drinks replenished daily in your refrigerated mini-bar
  • Complimentary still & sparkling Vero Water