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What's selling now?

Many of our clients have asked what's selling these days?    Here's your answers.

Egypt with Susan Wolfson

Africa and the Middle East

We've had a lot of interest in Africa recently.  Clients really want something special to look forward to and Africa is it.  There's lots of interest in safari's and South Africa.  Many choose a river cruise based tour like this one on AmaWaterways.  But you can certainly do a safari with other operators like Micato.  We can help you decide which makes sense for you.

And there's also been lots of interest in the Middle East and specifically Egypt.  Of course, that's because we announced our AmaWaterways trip to Egypt recently.  The response has been very strong and we're very excited about this trip in 2022.  Many are extending their trips to include Jordan, Israel or Dubai.  

Europe by river

France on an AmaWaterways river cruiseYes, people are still interested in Europe.  Eventually those of us with American passports will be allowed back into the EU.  In anticipation, there's some great opportunities in 2021 and 2022 on AmaWaterways.  We have our Joe Sixpack trip down the Rhine river in Oct 2021 and down the Seine in Oct 2022.  The links have all the information.  The pricing is terrific on the Rhine (just a few balconies left) and the opportunity on the Seine is unique.

Also, AmaWaterways has limited special pricing for the April 22, 2021 Impressions on the Seine & Paris cruise . Did I say special?  I meant to say this is a  2 for 1 sale!  So you can see why it's been so popular.  And well, Paris, Normandy and the French countryside are indeed special.

High end Ocean cruises

The high end cruise ships have one thing in common which our clients really seek right now:  small size.  While not quite as small as river cruises, these ocean cruises are much smaller than the Royal Caribbeans and Norwegians of the world.  Less people means less chance of exposure to viruses.  And who wouldn't want to sail in and around the Canary Islands on Windstar, around Scandinavia on Sebourn or the Mediterranean on Regent?  And of course the luxury amenities each of these lines offer is top notch.  

We also have several clients book on Viking Ocean cruise ships going to Iceland, Russia and the Baltics.  While these ships are slightly larger in size, Viking offers a great value for a truly high end experience.


We could write books on each of these experiences and would love to share them with you.  Advice is always free, the pricing is always competitie and the service is always personal.  We always look forward to hearing from you.


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