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Some Cruise ships are operating!

Yes, you read that right...there's some cruises that are already up and going in March 2020.  Post pandemic travel - what a concept! Where you ask?  Right here in the USA

Cruising American style

American Cruise Line's 100 passenger ship departed from Jacksonville Florida (Amelia Island) on March 13th for  an eight day cruise up the coastal waters of the Southeast ending in Charleston South Carolina.  American Queen Steamboat Company leaves New Orleans on march 15th arriving in Memphis a week later.

Both ships are smaller than 250 passengers and as such, they don't fall into the CDC no sail order which affects virtually all cruises.  Even so, they are both sailing well below capacity to make social distancing easier.


 American Melody, capacity 175.  Courtesy of American Cruise Lines


What's it all about?

Both lines have been operating for several years.  They are priced similarly to the European river cruises in general.  Their big advantage is that they are in the US and therefore no need to fly to Europe.   American Queen runs on the Mississippi river system (includes the Ohio and Tennessee rivers) as well as the Columbia & Snake River system.  You'll see American towns the way they generally grew up - from the rivers.  

American Cruise lines also runs up the Mississippi system and Columbia & Snake river systems.  But they also run some inter coastal routes:  through New England, Southeast US, Puget Sound and Alaska.  Small ship sailing to be sure. 

Both offer unique itineraries.  It won't feel quite as luxurious as say an Amawaterways trip, but it's also a whole lot easier to the ship.


Dining Room on American Countess (courtesy of American Queen Steamboat Company)


Recommend it?

Client feedback has generally been positive on both lines.  It's all about expectations.  And right now, it's one of the few options available.  Why not give it a try?  Let us know what you have in mind and we'll make sure you get the right trip for your wants and needs. And of course we can help you with flights, pre or post cruise extensions, insurance, cabin and deck choice, payment terms and cancellation penalties.



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